Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sack XS-L


BEST USE: Pack organization

WATERPROOF? The fabric is waterproof enough for storage inside a pack, but the seams are not tape sealed, and the top does not utilize a roll-top closure. So - water resistant rather than waterproof

DIMENSIONS: 6 x 14 inches

WEIGHT: 2.0 oz | 58g

                                               XS/6 Liter   S/10 Liter     M/14 Liter    L/20 Liter      XL/30 Liter   

COMPRESSED VOLUME 6L to 2L 10L to 3.3L 14L to 4.5L 20L to 6.5L 30L to 10L
DIMENSIONS              6 x 14 in 7 x 16 in 8 x 18 in 9 x 20 in   10.5 x 23 in
WEIGHT            2.0 oz 2.3 oz 2.7 oz 3.3 oz 3.8 oz