Ryders Trapper


The Trapper is designed for use on and off the trail. And when you’re off the trail, you won’t look like you just came from the trail. The original name for the Trapper was the Trailoffandon, but Trapper sounds better. Flexible temples, big lenses and hydrophilic parts make this a perfect sport/casual crossover. 

Standard Brown

Impact-resistant eye protection that reduces haze and enhances green tones. Our Brown lens is designed for medium to sunny light conditions and improves depth perception.

Visible light transmission: 17%
Definition enhancement: 4/5
UV protection: 100% (UV400)
antiFOG: no

Standard Grey

Impact-resistant eye protection that provides a neutral colour shift. Our Grey Gradient lens is designed for medium to bright light conditions.

Visible light transmission: 15%
Definition enhancement: 0/5
UV protection: 100% (UV400)
antiFOG: no