Royal Robbins Men's The Wick-ed Cool™


The Wick-ed Cool™ Short Sleeve shirt is designed to defeat high heat and humidity with its ultra-wicking, cooling fabric. This casual men's tee shirt is designed for summer travels when you know you'll break a sweat. The Wick-ed Cool™ fabric has UPF 36+ protection, quick dry, and wrinkle resistance in addition to the thermo-regulation technology that keeps you cool throughout your adventure.

  • For trekking
  • Protects from high heat and maximum sun exposure during active pursuits
  • Wick-ed Cool™ knit fabric has ultra-wicking fibers with cooling,treatment that actively cools the skin
  • Flatlock stitching for increased comfort


Wick-ed Cool™ Knit
6 oz. 32% Cotton 33% Rayon 35% Polyester
Ultra-wicking, grooved fibers have an applied cooling treatment that actively cools the skin. Designed to Beat the Heat every time.

  • BEAT THE HEAT. Stay cool in technical fabrics designed for hot weather activities.

  • UPF PROTECTION. Sun protection. Reduces your skin’s UV radiation exposure significantly.

  • Quick Dry. Wicks moisture and dries quickly; ideal for travel and outdoor activities.

  • Wrinkle Resistant. Resists wrinkling, making it ideal for travel.

  • Lightweight. For easy packing and travel.

  • Moisture Wicking. Pulls moisture away from the skin for quick evaporation.