Gear Aid Revivex UV Tech


Powerful formula beautifies and protects surfaces. Ideal for neoprene, latex, rubber, plastic, hypalon, PVC and more. Helps preserve original colours, reduces sun damage and cracking and is an environmentally friendly formula. Works on wet and dry suits, snorkels, latex seals, mask straps, fins, dry bags, plastic and fibreglass kayaks and paddles, river rafts, flotation vests, personal watercraft, water ski bindings, inflatable boats, toys and more. Also works on binocular housings, hiking staff grips, neoprene and rubber waders, rods and reels, float tubes, rubber boots and more. Can also work on bike tires. Simply clean surface, shake contents, spray UVTech onto surface, buff with clean cloth (turning cloth often). Reapply after 30 days of sun exposure. Not for glass surfaces. Do not freeze.