Primus Essential Stove Set 2.3L


You do not need to be an outdoor expert to cook in the open. We created Essentials Stove Set so that anyone can embark on an adventure, both close to home and far away. Whether you want to spice up a picnic in the city or if you are going for a longer hike.

Simple and clean design that offers maximum capacity in a very convenient format. The burner is integrated in the wind guard, resulting in a sturdy stove that is very easy to assemble out in the woods, in the park or on a camping trip. In three simple steps it will be ready for cooking: remove the wind guard from the pan, connect the gas and light up the stove! When you are packing up camp you should pack all the parts together in the pan and it will become a compact, rattle-free unit. The burner is also very quiet compared with other gas stoves.




    • Non-Stick hard ionized frying pan for easy cooking - doubles as lid
    • Windscreen with integrated burner
    • Fast, easy, safe set-up
    • Detachable gripper handle
    • Two anodized aluminum scratch resistant 2.3 L pots
    • Insulation bag included
    • Weight: 37 oz.
    • Diameter: 8.7"
    • Height: 4.6"
    • 7000 BTU/H
    • Gas NOT included