Katadyn Vario MicroFilter

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This two-stage ceramic disc and glass-fibre microfilter has an adjustable output for different conditions. A simple turn engages the cleanable ceramic prefilter, for use with dirty water for a longer cartridge life. The high-surface area 0.3micron glass-fibre filter removes bacteria and cysts and the replaceable carbon core improves taste and reduces pesticides and chemicals in the water.

  • Filters up to 2L per minutes in fast-flow mode and up to 1L per minute in long-life mode.
  • Cartridge pumps up to 1875L, depending on water quality.
  • Dual-piston pump provides maximum output for minimum effort.
  • Adaptor base allows the filter to directly attach to water bottles and the output hose (included) connects directly to hydration systems and other large containers.
  • Includes: a pre-filter on the intake hose, a cleaning pad for the ceramic disc, and o-ring lubricant.