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Ryders Thorn


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We took the thorn out of your side and stuck it in your eye. A much better place for a Thorn, considering its optimal coverage and diverse lens options. Its solid frame construction and performance features allows you to wear the Thorn in any circumstance.

Standard Grey

Impact-resistant eye protection that provides a neutral colour shift. Our Grey Gradient lens is designed for medium to bright light conditions.

Visible light transmission: 15%
Definition enhancement: 0/5
UV protection: 100% (UV400)
antiFOG: no

Standard Brown

Impact-resistant eye protection that reduces haze and enhances green tones. Our Brown lens is designed for medium to sunny light conditions and improves depth perception.

Visible light transmission: 17%
Definition enhancement: 4/5
UV protection: 100% (UV400)
antiFOG: no