Ryders Loops

The Loops looks good. Really, really good. It’s great for biking too, which might surprise some given its casual appearance. Big lenses for light and wind protection, a wide frame to allow for fog-fighting airflow, and hydrophilic nose pads to keep them in place all make the Loops a perfect all-around performer.

Standard Grey

Impact-resistant eye protection that provides a neutral colour shift. Our Grey Gradient lens is designed for medium to bright light conditions.

Visible light transmission: 15%
Definition enhancement: 0/5
UV protection: 100% (UV400)
antiFOG: no

Standard Brown


Impact-resistant eye protection that reduces haze and enhances green tones. Our Brown lens is designed for medium to sunny light conditions and improves depth perception.



Visible light transmission: 17%
Definition enhancement: 4/5
UV protection: 100% (UV400)
antiFOG: no