Backcountry Wok - Original Fried Rice


Backcountry Wok makes dehydrated Asian meals in eco-friendly compostable packaging, based in Ottawa.

Just add hot water into our heat resistant and compostable pouch, wait 20 minutes and ready to enjoy! Simply compost bag after meal for a quick, easy and eco friendly meal for your adventures.

 100% home and industrial compostable packaging
 Multicultural, Asian flavoured dishes
 Dietician and chef approved for good nutritional profile
 Vegan, plant based meals
 Ingredients sourced locally from Ontario producers

The Original Fried Rice

Nothing says comfort food like The Original Fried Rice. Filled with fresh vegetables, soya puffs and our homemade vegetable bouillon -- just the way Mom makes it.

Ingredients: Rice, carrots, zucchinis, soya puffs (water, soyabeans, canola oil, rice flour, magnesium chloride), white button mushrooms, homemade vegetable bouillon (parsley, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, thyme, black pepper, celery seed) [does not contain gluten, nuts or dairy, but made in a shared kitchen where these ingredients are processed].


1. Add 1.5 cup of hot water to the heat resistant pouch (to the fill line).

2. Seal pouch & wait for 20 minutes. Shake occasionally.

3. Enjoy & compost pouch after use.