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Croakies Arc System

Brand: Croakies

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The ARC stands apart from other cable retainers with its superior quality and advanced adjustability. Each ARC retainer features an articulating cord that stays off the neck and collar and two pair of interchangeable ends. The ARC Endless also features Croakies Endless length adjustment technology. We now offer three additional cable colors in the ARC System and  ARC Endless models. Ends are available as replacements and in combo packs. Croakies Float Kit accessory threads floating buoys onto the ARC cable, providing floating security for your valuable eyewear.

  • Stainless steel cable
  • 5 coated cable colors
  • Adjustable cable lengths
  • Available in 2 combo packs
  • REG/XL end combo
  • XL/XXL end combo
  • Each ARC has 2 pair of ends
  • Made in the USA