Patagonia P-6 Trucker Hat

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Great Escape Outfitters is a high quality outdoor and adventure travel outfitter located in the heart of Ottawa's Westboro neighbourhood. We specialize in providing high quality service to match our products in order to provide our customers with the tools they need to 'make their own way'

Ultimate Guide for Keeping your Gear in Top Shape
March 08, 2016

Ultimate Guide for Keeping your Gear in Top Shape

Outdoor gear can be a huge expense. With such an investment in your outdoor endeavors, not only do you want your gear to work but also to last. Depending on the frequency and duration of your adventures, you could keep your gear like-new for years. Keeping your gear in excellent condition will save you money and frustration.

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How does a waterproof jacket work?
February 03, 2016

How does a waterproof jacket work?

It's got decades worth of technology packed into every inch, it's resistant to one of Earth’s most terrifying elements, and—here’s the kicker—you’re wearing it. Most people don't think twice about the raincoat hanging in their closet, but if you step back and really analyze it, you’ll be amazed at just how much knowledge it takes to create one of these things (and keep it from feeling like a sauna on the inside). We're going to give you the inside scoop on how a waterproof jacket can be just that...waterproof!

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What do those down numbers mean?
November 24, 2015

What do those down numbers mean?

Have you ever looked at a down jacket that looks as big as a house and saw a 500 fill power rating next to a thin down sweater that said 900 fill and wondered how that could be possible? Well we're here to explain that for you

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